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Unresolved tax problems can interfere with your ability to conduct your business, perform the duties of your job, or even affect your personal life.

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Whether a client is starting a new business, in need of a forecasted financial statement, or need of a financial statement or report necessary for clients to achieve their financial objectives, goals or compliance.

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Surprise losses related to taxes, tax advice needs to be sought before you enter into business transactions. Find out how to start a business, learn how to establish business credit, or tax strategies. We help client’s make intelligent decisions.

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Tax savings begin by putting an asset protection plan in place. Setting up your business and personal affairs correctly can help you save thousands in taxes each year, which means savings that can compound for years to come.

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Taxes are a puzzle, but we will help put the pieces together the way that works best for you, your business and life-style.

Founded in 2013, Stephens Bros Tax Service Limited Liability Company became a advisory services company.

Stephens Bros Tax Service serves clients in New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania with tax-related financial services that provide value, fairly priced and satisfy consumer need.

Stephens Bros Tax Service offers tax-related service through a network of partnerships. Stephens Bros Tax Service is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. .

Our mission is to help the consumer to be self-sufficient, emotionally and intellectually independent!


1139 E Jersey Street Suite 214 Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201


(800) 558-6821



When the other advisors stop. We start.


As Co-Founder, Matthew brings a wealth of experience from managing multi-million dollar retail companies to designing mobile devices. He is an expert in marketing and branding business.


Management Consultant
Samantha of Lisa Marius Consulting has proven to be a valuable asset to our office. Our partnership has helped reorganize and restructure businesses to show its full potential.


Traveling from Kingston, Jamaica. Joseph began his career in New York City as an accountant. He later served as an auditor at one of the big 4 accounting firms.


Business Development Consultant
Philliphan Stephens Consulting has delivered results since our partnership in 2013. Specialize in business credit and finance. Contact: (888) 224-4803 Website: www.philliphanstephens.com


Tax Advisor
As a Tax Advisor at Stephens Bros. Jamar provides many different services, such as income tax preparation, estate planning and college savings.


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